March 02, 2017

Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic has stated that Srpska has never threatened anyone in BiH with war, unlike the political Sarajevo.

“I have never heard anyone from Srpska talking about the war. The war theory always comes from the political Sarajevo, and different political processes are introduced to the judiciary. It is intolerable to think about the war in this region,” said Cvijanovic last evening in her interview for the Radio and Television of Republika Srpska.

She is of the opinion that if this area is democratized, she has the right to delegate any political stance.

“You cannot threaten with the gun if you do not like someone’s political stance. What Sarajevo is trying to do is to privatize the entire country, which is unacceptable, but the war will not happen,” said Cvijanovic.

She says that everything that happens is a matter of democracy, political freedom and seeking the agreement of the institutions.

“You could never hear any threats coming from Republika Srpska. Why do they threaten us if everything can be resolved peacefully? It is a joke that someone from the BiH Council of Ministers is calling on continuation of work on the European path, which they blocked,” said Cvijanovic.

She says that the dominance of SDA personnel at the BiH level is obvious, while the Serb personnel is not visible.

“The Srpska representatives have never seen fit to do any job that was agreed with the Republika Srpska institutions. We had struggled before we corrected some of their mistakes,” says Cvijanovic.

When it comes to March One, she has pointed out that the celebration of that date is absurd because it marks an event that triggered the war in BiH.

Cvijanovic has stressed that BiH does not have a law on public holidays, so March 1, which is “a holiday”, is only marked in the part of the Federation of BiH /FBiH/.

Source: Srna