February 14, 2014

The Government of Republika Srpska at its 45th session brought the long awaited decision to establish a Committee for the Fight against Hate Speech on the Internet, as an advisory body of the Government of Srpska in order to prevent and suppress hate speech, racism and discrimination on the Internet.

The Governments decision on the establishment of this committee specifies that the members of the committee will draft an action plan for Srpska’s campaign against hate speech on the Internet and that it will carry out the necessary preparatory work for the implementation of the campaign, organizing all the related events, coordinating and monitoring activities in Srpska, as well as establishing cooperation with domestic and foreign competent authorities.

The activities of the committee will be financed from the regular budget resources of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports.

The Committee has 16 members appointed by the Government of Srpska, at the proposal of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports, for the period of one year. The members will work voluntarily and without compensation.