February 02, 2017

Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic stated during her visit to Washington that it was very important to emphasize the position and role of Republika Srpska in the immediate contact with influential figures in the US and worldwide, which was a confirmation of its constitutional and political positioning within BiH.

Within her visit to Washington, Cvijanovic participated in the official international lunch /International Luncheon/ on Wednesday, which was a part of a yearly event – the National Prayer Breakfast, hosted by US President Donald Trump, announced the Public Relations Office of the Republika Srpska Government.

On this occasion, Cvijanovic emphasized the importance of the participation of Republika Srpska representatives in such events.

This international event was attended by numerous heads of state, diplomats, individuals from political and public life from around the world. Senators Marco Rubio and Amy Klobuchar welcomed the international guests and thanked them for their presence.

Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, the Israeli Knesset Parliament Speaker, addressed the guests.

The objective of this meeting, which was held at the Hilton Hotel Washington, is the gathering of influential individuals from political and public life at an international level, the establishment of personal contacts and promotion of international cooperation and communications.

Republika Srpska Prime Minister will attend the Washington National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday morning, which is traditionally held on the first Thursday in February, and attended by representatives of the US administration, Congress, the diplomatic corps and the representatives of the world’s economic and political elite.

Source: Srna