February 28, 2014

Presenting the new annual State Department report on human rights in the world, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that many governments resort to politically motivated persecution and using new technologies in order to control the expression of dissent, through public protests or various technological means.

When it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina, although the general elections from 2010 were declared free and fair, the coalitions that were formed after the elections at all levels of government are still unstable and constantly strive to change their composition, thus preventing political progress.

Several times during 2013 authorities have failed to maintain effective control of the security forces, although, the security forces have not carried out a widespread or systematic human rights violations, reads the report.

However, the most serious problem in B&H remains the corruption and non-functionality of the government, which prevents citizens from exercising their rights to basic services. Political leaders have stepped up their deep-rooted ethnic divisions and manipulate with them, which weakens democracy, leads to great discrimination in most aspects of everyday life, reduces the rule of law, interferes with the media and obstructs the return of refugees.

The provocation and intimidation of journalists and civic activists restricts public access to accurate information, as well as the responsibility of political leaders, reads the State Department report on human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina.