August 24, 2016

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to BiH, Petr Ivantsov, said today that Russia was not of the opinion that the expression of the will of the people about an issue that was of great important for it was illegal, stressing that tensions over a referendum on Republika Srpska Day need to be reduced.

“As you know, I have already spoken about the referendum and we wanted to discuss it at a session of the Peace Implementation Council /PIC/. I feel that tensions over this issue should be reduced,” Ivantsov told reporters today.

He added that he would have an opportunity to speak in more details about this issue after a session of the PIC which might be held after consultations conducted by the OHR.

Even though the High Representative to BiH, Valentin Inzko, announced earlier that a session of the PIC dedicated to a referendum on Republika Srpska Day on September 25 would be held today, the OHR announced yesterday that the session had been postponed because of consultations that were underway.

Source: Srna