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The 54th working – consultation session of the Government


The Government of the Republic of Srpska has been acquainted with the Development Program of Protection and Rescue System at BiH Institutions level.

The Government of Republic of Srpska maintains the position that the Program referred above has exceeded the scope of competences of BiH institutions and authorities and that there were no grounds for its adoption and should therefore be subjected to the new adoption procedure with the condition that the drafter and proponent of the Program should commit itself to full compliance with provisions of the laws which regulate the sector of protection and rescue from natural disasters of BiH and to full cooperation and coordination with entity administrations of civil protection.

Director of the Administration for Civil Protection of Republic of Srpska Mile Medjed stated after the Government session that the Program had not previously been submitted to any RS institutions including the RS Civil Defense Administration.  

“We have carefully looked into the Program and in conjunction with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation we have prepared the Information Note which lists ten points which refer to the transfer of competences from the Republic of Srpska to BiH and which had been submitted to the SNSD and SDS caucus in the House of Representative of BiH Parliamentary Assembly.

He added that it was evident that the principles of BiH Constitution, Constitution of the Republic of Srpska and Framework Law on  Protection and Rescue of People and Material Goods from Natural Disasters and Other Misfortunes in BiH and the Law on Protection and Rescue in Emergency Situations of Republic of Srpska have not been observed.

“These type of documents are enacted by the Government of the Republic of Srpska upon the proposal of the RS Administration for Civil Protection”, the Director of the RS Civil Protection explained.   

The Government of Republic of Srpska further accepted the Proposal for continuation of the construction works in elementary  school “Vuk Karadzic” in the local community of Ledinci in Bijeljina and agreed to take part in financing of the 50 percent of the remaining value of the bill of works for the school which totals 1.2 million BAM.

Minister of Education and Culture Dane Malesevic said that that the children and teachers  employed in that school would as of the next school year have decent work conditions.

Minister Malesevic also said that the Government accepted the Information Note on the need for reconstruction of the carpentry in the Center for Secondary Education in Foca. The latter applied for the funds provided by UNDP on the account of energy efficiency in the amount of BAM 80,000.00, while the remaining funds shall be provided by the Government and the municipality of Foca.

The Government and the Municipality of Prnjavor would finance in equal shares the reconstruction of the boiling room and sanitations in elementary school “Milos Crnjanski”, in the village of Potocani, the municipality of Prnjavor.

Minister Mlesevic then said that the Government considered the Information Note on the network of elementary schools but has not passed a final decision even though central elementary schools which have less than 14 classes should lose the status of a legal person.

“The Government deliberated on this subject but has not passed a final decision. The matter should be further discussed with respective mayors and school directors and see into the possibilities for transportation of children to the central school in case a local school is closed in order to find the best possible solution for all”, the Minister said.

Minister Malesevic emphasized that the relevant decision would be made taking first of all into account the interests of children and pupils and not the financial effect regardless of the  situation. The Minister clarified that under the current Law all five grade primary schools with less than 36 pupils should be closed and local schools with less than five pupils.

Minister Malesevic reassured that all teachers who would lose their positions in outposted schools would keep their jobs and be reassigned. All schools concerned received an instruction not to employ new staff until a decision on the network of elementary schools is reached.

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