October 19, 2017

Serbian Ultramarathon and Stamina Champion Jovica Spajic has achieved an incredible success, it is worth of the highest admiration and people will yet to talk about it.

He competed in the competition against the people from all around the world in one of the most challenging races in the world. Ultramarathon, “Jungle Ultra” challenge through the Amazon jungle in the length of 254 km!

And he dominated, he practically smashed the competition: He arrived at the goal two hours and 51 minutes before the second place?!

Spajic decided to do this incredible fear as a member of “Inspired by HOPE” team, which points out at the problems people have who suffer from serious pulmonary hypertension.

We can only imagine how much energy, strength, and will of steel it took to the Serbian competitor to endure all the challenges when he met the difficult passages through the “lungs” of the planet Earth.

However, Jovica is an experienced ultra-marathon runner and this is nothing new for him.

He has a long line of the most demanding competitions of this kind in the most inaccessible tracts, like the one in Namibia dessert (250 km) where he was second, or the race of 330 km on Lake Tahoe in Nevada, where he was fourth.

Jovica Spajic is a member of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit operating under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, where he has been working since 2008. He works as a fitness instructor in his unit. He was born in Priboj in 1987.


Source: telegraf