May 24, 2017

Today, at the headquarters of Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, the Government of the Republic of Srpska signed a Government Security Program (GSP) agreement, which reinforces Microsoft’s commitment to digital security and privacy at the national level. The signing ceremony was attended by, on behalf of the Government of the RS and the Director of the Agency for the information society WG Srdjan Rajcevic, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group-Scott Charney and Director of Microsoft Bosnia and Herzegovina, Omar Krivosija.

 Since 2003, the Government Security Program was created to support the exchange of information and the efforts of national Governments and international organizations to protect their citizens and national infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities. Today’s Government Security Program is a vital component in Microsoft’s efforts to build confidence with the Governments around the world through transparency and information sharing that enables countries to make better and appropriate decisions about technological issues.

 On behalf of the RS Government Director of the Agency for Information Society of RS Srdjan Rajčević, said: “With today’s signing of the Agreement, Republic of Srpska as one of the first in the region joined the international coalition of states who recognized, and actively work to prevent cyber threats. Through the partnership with Microsoft, which is the world’s largest software maker, Republic of Srpska will be identified as an important regional factor and partner to other states that have significant security capabilities in the field of information security, including the United States, Russia, China, Great Britain and others. As a signatory of this agreement on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, I express my  extreme pleasure and satisfaction that Microsoft has recognized our efforts to raise awareness and build capacities in the field of information security, as evidenced by the statements of some of the highest representatives of this company.”

At Microsoft there is a strong belief that operational security is the starting point, and that institutions must be focused on protection, detection and faster responses to security threats.

The Government Security Program allows a stronger partnership on the security of information systems as well as in the education area between Microsoft and users of government services. Today the Government Security Program is used by more than 40 countries and international organizations around the world, and the Government of the Republic of Srpska is one of the first Government in the region that has become a part of the program.

 “Microsoft’s commitment to security, transparency and trust remains a top priority and global events reinforce the importance of this commitment,” said Scott Charney, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Trustworthy Computing. “Microsoft recognizes that it takes more than just advanced technology to make all three a reality in the digital space. Through the Government Security Program, we are able to establish stronger public-private partnerships across the globe and allow governments to make more informed decisions about the technology they employ.” 

“It is my extraordinary pleasure that today at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond we have signed a Government Security Program agreement with the Government of the Republic of Srpska, which aims to build and deploy more secure IT infrastructure, in order to protect the citizens and the economy. Last year in March, Microsoft signed a Memorandum of understanding in information security with the Government of the Republic of Srpska, and today as the second step, Government of RS joined the Government Security Program (GSP), which enables the co-operation with Microsoft on education, sharing the information and the security of information systems, ” said the Director of Microsoft Bosnia and Herzegovina, Omar Krivosija.


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