Narodno pozoriste
December 05, 2013

The National Theatre of Republika Srpska is expected to go beyond and promote the cultural creativity of Srpska, said the Minister of Education and Culture of Republika Srpska, Goran Mutabdzija.

He pointed out that in the coming year, the ministry is devoted to helping the National Theatre of Republika Srpska with the modernization of technical equipment.

Director of the National Theatre Nenad Novakovic, thanked the ministry for its support, noting that the theatre is entering the new year with optimism. This success is supported by the fact that next year the theatre is marking the 80th anniversary of the buildings construction, as well as its 85th season.

The success of the National Theatre of Srpska is solely owed to the actors and the artistic part of the cultural institution, said Novakovic, adding that is important to remember that the play “Fourteen”, written and directed by Ana Djordjevic, was named the best production at the 30th BH Theatre Meeting in Brcko.

In addition to this award, Zeljko Erkic was awarded the prize for best actor, Dragana Purkovic-Macan received the award for best art director and Miljka Brdanin-Babic was named best actress.