April 12, 2018

President of the Board of the Association of Surgeons of the Republic of Srpska Zoran Aleksic told Srna that the first laparoscopic liver surgery will be performed today at the University-Clinical Center Srpska in Banja Luka. This procedure has not been done in Bosnia and Herzegovina yet.

Aleksic said that the operation will be done by professors Bjorn Edvin and Jakob Bergsland from the Royal Oslo Hospital in Norway, and within the jubilee 20th expert meeting of the Association of Surgeons of the Republic of Srpska.

“The operation is scheduled for Thursday, and the 20th expert meeting will be held on Friday, April 13. Professors Edvin and Bergsland will be, among others, special guests on the day of the meeting,” he said.

Aleksić pointed out that the Board of Directors of the Association of Surgeons decided that instead of the previous practice of treatment of illness or condition, this year at the jubilee 20th meeting, the president of the Association of surgeons from all former Yugoslav republics will be invited to hold expert lectures in the field and on the topic they choose.

“It is the first time in this region that somebody is organizing a meeting of the first surgeons of Slovenia, Croatia, the Republic of Srpska, the Federation of BiH, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, and that’s why we want to give this event great importance”, Aleksic stressed.

He said that the general sponsor of the meeting is President of Republica of Srpska Milorad Dodik, who, as he assessed, recognized the character, size and importance of this meeting.

Aleksić noted that among the most important activities of the Association of surgeons are the annual professional meetings.

According to him, the previous 19 expert meetings were with international participation, where prominent surgeons from other countries contributed to the health system of Srpska.

Aleksic said that certain issues or illnesses were processed at each meeting, which gave domestic surgeons new knowledge through lectures and discussions.





Source: Srna