Home Economy Traveling to 1000 different places for 2KM?!

Traveling to 1000 different places for 2KM?!


The fastest growing startap is here, Flixbus is finally in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it if you are fast enough, it will cost you no more than 2KM to travel.
FlixBus is a long distance bus operator connecting cities and towns throughout Europe. Since the end of the railroad monopoly and the privatisation of the intercity bus market, FlixBus has been offering modern mobility at excellent prices. This company is a combination of a technologic startup, trade and traditional transport companies and its success is probably the best proof how digitalization can impact business even in fields where it may not be obvious.
Thanks to its regional partners, first international Sarajevo – Dortmund line will be available after June the 15h 2017. The bus will be heading from Sarajevo and connect 7 different destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina ( Sarajevo – Kakanj – Zenica – Žepče – Maglaj – Doboj – Derventa and Brod ) with 14 other destinations in Germany and ticket prices for destinations trough the country in promo period will be available for 2KM.

Trough the main hub of the FlixBus, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are having oportunity to be conected with more than 1000 destinations all around the Europe. Flixbus have the same system of reservation and prices just like lowbudget airplane companies – early birds can get it cheap. The more you wait, the price is higher.
Tickets will be available trough the online system and web page Flixbus.hr in BH currency, but you will also be able to buy your ticket trought the mobile application or at the registered FlixBus partner.
Flixbus travelers are having numerosly accomodation when travelling – comforst, safety, free internet connection, free laguage but also possibilty of cancelation or changing the reservation 15 minutes before departure without any aditional costs.


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