October 13, 2016

Donald Trump said that it was a great mistake to bomb Yugoslavia in 1999, and that Bill Clinton’s administration “made a mess in the Balkans”.

Speaking to Serbian “Nedeljnik”, Republican presidential candidate promised to “strengthen the relationship with the Serbian government” when he takes office.

Asked about possible change in Washington’s policy towards Serbia, that was an ally to the US in two world wards, and South Eastern Europe as a whole, Trump said:

“First of all let me tell you it was a great mistake to bomb the Serbians who were our allies in both world wars. Serbians are very good people. Unfortunately Clinton’s administration was very damaging to the Serbians, they made a mess in the Balkans. I have apologized before to the Serbians for the actions and our policy primarily Clinton’s. I will strengthen the relationship with the Serbian government. When I take office the foreign policy will change the course for the better”, said Trump.

Trump also said that he will make sure that “US has better relationship with Russia”.

“It can’t be worse than today”, he said.

Source: B92