November 21, 2016

Republika Srpska supports the genuine Dayton Peace Agreement which brought peace and has been functioning for two decades now, says President Milorad Dodik and submits he will demand that all the 83 competences taken away and transferred to the Bosnian state level be brought in line with the 1995 treaty.
Dodik emphasises that Srpska supports the agreement “from the viewpoint of its letter, not its spirit” and that it has stopped the expansion and very “tumour-like” spreading of the theory about the spirit of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

“We are managing to restore the position of adhering to the letter of the Dayton Agreement in Bosnia and Herzegovina and that’s going to be our policy in the future as well, bearing in mind that international representatives have violated international law on several occasions and committed offences that were international in nature by transferring our competences to the state level, breaching the rights acquired through the treaty,” Dodik told reporters in Banjaluka on Sunday.

He vows that Republika Srpska will remain committed to the idea that forming BiH as a confederal-federal union of two entities and three constitutive peoples allowed the country to have peace.

“We will never allow any kind of international fixers to impose the theory of the spirit of the Dayton Agreement, which has cost the Serbs dearly. Our policy is to first halt such transfers and not allow any abuse of the agreement,” said Dodik.

Srpska will seek that all the 83 competences taken away and transferred to the state level be brought in line with the Dayton agreement.

“Any violation of the agreement is absolutely unacceptable for us. The time has come to regulate everything in a democratic manner. The Dayton Agreement stipulates that Bosnia and Herzegovina can only move within an agreement between the two entities, which has to be a constitutional basis for every solution. Everything else is unconstitutional, from the court, to the prosecutor’s office, to many other things,” Dodik said.

According to the Srpska president, unconstitutional things in BiH reflect the violence of the international community and the greed of the Bosniak political elite, which was prepared to do anything to destroy Srpska.

“This means foreign judges leaving the Constitutional Court and many other things which we will try to make happen in the time to come.

“The Dayton Peace Agreement is the continuation of international subjectivity of Republika Srpska, which incorporated its territory and efficient government in the treaty. The fact that we signed all annexes of the agreement means that we are a crucial factor of the treaty,” said Dodik.

Source: Srna