Višković: Additional Measures in the Field of Pro-Natal Politics Are Coming Soon


    Republic of Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković has announced that additional measures will be created soon in the field of pro-natal policy, noting that the public has positively assessed the decision to allocate 500 KM for each newborn baby in agricultural farms in Srpska.

    Višković said it was just one of the announced measures of demographic policy, with the aim of ensuring that villages in Srpska survive and encourage the birth of as many children as possible.

    He explained that it was a measure agreed to in line with this year’s increase in the agricultural budget in Srpska from 71 million to 75 million KM.

    Srna recently announced that for every newborn baby in farms in the Republic of Srpska, 500 KM will be allocated as part of the latest measure by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Srpska to contribute to efforts by the Government and other institutions to improve the demographic picture.

    The Minister of the Interior, Boris Pašalić, said at the time that this measure was being introduced for the first time this month in support of childbirth in agricultural holdings.

    – Funding is provided for this. The goal is for parents to somehow transfer farm management to their children, which will entail greater incentives. The problem of population outflow is not only related to the rural population, which is why we all have to do our best in this area – said Pašalić.

    He stated that the stay of young people in the countryside should be encouraged in every way because their outflow was a big problem.




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