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Višković wished luch to those who destroyed BiH


Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković wished luck to those who destroyed BiH than Srpska would solve that misapprehension.

“I have the feeling that only Republika Srpska is in favor of BiH, but Dayton BiH, and that everyone who swears in BiH, ruining it. I wish them luck on that path and to solve us the delusion which called BiH”, Višković told “Večernje novosti”.

Višković believes that it is necessary to form the authority on the BiH level so that it is better for all citizens, because the Republika Srpska suffers great economic damage, and he gave an example of “Elektroprenos BiH” which has not functioned for the last 15 months, and there are more than BAM 150 million in the accounts.

He also emphasized that the Republika Srpska position about NATO issue is a clear, which will behave in the same way like Serbia, and he mentioned, once again, that only military neutrality is possible for Srpska.

According to his words, Srpska does not want the border on the Drina, for Srpska, Drina is not a border but the river which connects the two same people.

Višković has said that, with certain companies in Serbia, are negotiating to open facilities in the Republika Srpska, where the conditions for business are now better than in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/.

He pointed out that about the investments in Srpska will be discussed in May with the representatives of Serbia, and this new meeting will bring even more new projects.

“We have already agreed that Serbia from the fund that has for encouragement of investment to foreign investors, encourages its economic entities to open facilities in Srpska. All that foreign investors receive in Serbia, now the businessmen from Serbia will receive for opening facilities in the Republika Srpska”, Višković said.

He pointed out that businessmen from Serbia are already appearing and doing market research, and that concrete results are expected this year, and that large Serbian brands open production facilities over Srpska.


Source: srna


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