January 09, 2019

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic congratulated the president of Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović and to the citizens the Day of Republika Srpska, stressing that they will always have true support of people and government in Serbia.

“On the day of Saint Archdeacon Stephen, receive my sincere congratulations for the Republic of Srpska Day, with the best wishes for its further progress. Always rely on unselfish support with your unwavering will to respond to various challenges and persistent work to provide the citizens of Republika Srpska with well-being Serbia, “Vucic said in a congratulation note.

He stressed that Serbia, in the name of inseparable cultural and spiritual ties, as a true friend and trusted partner, will always be a strong support for the Republic of Srpska.

“At the same time, while preserving peace and stability in the Republic of Srpska and BiH, you help us focus on the economic prosperity of Serbia and the realization of joint plans. I want everyone in the Republic of Srpska good health, happiness in personal life and success in the work. lived Serbia! “, said Vucic.

Republika Srpska celebrates its 27th birthday today.

Republika Srpska was founded on January 9, 1992 under the original name of the Serbian Republic of BiH.


Source: rtrs