April 02, 2014

Are women in the B&H business world really at a disadvantage compared to men? And if so, to what extent?

Research conducted by portal Posao.ba, based on data from Plata.ba, shows that women employed in the field of pharmacy, economics and educational earn on average up to 300 KM less then to their male counterparts.

Plata.ba is the service for the continuous online surveying of salaries, with over 10.000 samples, where the respondents themselves enter their salary, which is why the research takes into account the actual income in the labor market.

Based on the research data, women employed in the pharmaceutical industry have a maximum salary of 2.168 KM, while the monthly salary of their male counterparts is 2.405 KM.

The highest salary for women employed in economy is 1.657 KM, while the highest salary for men is 1.782 KM.

There are a couple of rare but shining examples or areas where women are still ahead in terms of earnings in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For example, the maximum salary for women employed as Head of Office is 2.600 KM, while the salary of their male counterparts is 2.100 KM.

The highest salary for women in architecture is 1.733 KM, while the men’s salary is 1.558 KM.