October 19, 2016

Zdenka Gojkovic, a member of the entity commission in charge of conducting the referendum on the Day of Republika Srpska, gave a deposition about the commission’s activities in the capacity of a witness to the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday.

Talking to the press, Ms Gojkovic said that the Prosecutor’s Office had not told her what their further steps would be and added that the questioning went well and was conducted in a professional manner.

As a doctor by vocation, she refused to comment on the legal aspects of the referendum.

“It is every citizen’s democratic right to vote in a referendum,” Gojkovic briefly stated.

On Tuesday, the Prosecutor’s Office took statements from other members of the entity commission in charge of conducting the Srpska Day referendum, namely Perica Bundalo, Davor Sesic and Nedeljko Glamocak.

The subpoena issued by the Prosecutor’s Office reads that the commission members are invited to give their depositions in the case against Milorad Dodik over the “criminal offence of the failure to execute a decision of the Constitutional Court, Court or the Human Rights Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Source: Srna