February 23, 2016

Slovenian Žito Company has joined Podravka Group in the acquisition by which Podravka
has purchased 97% of shares of the Company. Žito so got the approach to Podravka family
which works in 23 states and on over 50 world markets.

“Acquisition of Žito is the biggest acquisition in the history of Podravka Company. For us, this
is the first huge step which will surely strengthen us and our business both on the markets of
the EU and on the market of Adria Region”, stated Milan Tadic, Senior Vice President of
Podravka Group for Adria Region.

Podravka Group is considered as top food industry in the region, with total annual revenue of
around 600 million EUR, and the list of “Žito” famous brands which are currently present on
the market of BiH includes rice and pasta “Zlatno Polje”, “Maestro” spices and “Šumi”