February 21, 2014

Zmijanjski folk embroidery, nominated for UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Heritage, has entered the final selection, confirmed the senior curator, ethnologist, at the Museum of Republika Srpska Vladimir Djukanovic. He added that UNESCO’s decision will be known in October.

The Ethnological department of the Museum of Srpska in March last year forwarded the first nomination, the Zmijanjski embroidery, for the Intangible Cultural Heritage List. This type of embroidery has kept its elemental form since the 19th century; its dark blue color and techniques have remained unchanged for a period of 150 years.

Zmijanjski embroidery is characterized by geometrical and geometrical-floral ornaments. The dominant ornamental composition are variations of the cross or quadrangle or polygon. The embroidery was arranged on the fronts of shirts, the top and bottom of sleeves and around the collar.

Djukanovic added that this year they plan to expand the list with 15 to 20 new elements and to send another nomination for UNESCO in 2015.