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 Dacic says Vucic should be ruling coalition’s candidate


SPS leader Ivica Dacic thinks that Aleksandar Vucic should be the ruling coalition’s presidential candidate – “if the goal is to win in the first round.”
Dacic, who is Serbia’s foreign minister and first deputy PM in Vucic’s cabinet, told reporters on Monday that he does not know “what Vucic will decide to do” and that the decision is up to him – but that the position of the SPS is to approach the issue of the presidential elections “carefully.”

Dacic added that he has “negative experiences with previous presidents who did not approach the elections seriously and for that reason lost.”

“This is not about Tomislav Nikolic personally, but about the result of the presidential elections reflecting greatly on the overall situation in Serbia, political stability, and the fate of the ruling coalition,” he said.

Dacic noted that “all surveys say Vucic has the greatest chance of winning in the first round,” and added that he “sees no reason for the ruling coalition to have a candidate who could not win in the first round.”

“Why would our party sacrifice its identity by supporting somebody who would not win in the first round. My message is clear, either Aleksandar Vucic will be our joint candidate, or we can count on somebody supporting somebody in the second round,” Dacic has been quoted as saying by Tanjug.

The agency noted that Dacic stated in the past that he would “in that case” become a candidate himself.

Asked what relations inside the government would be like after the presidential elections, Dacic today said it was “too early to speak about that.”

Source: Tanjug


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