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 Đurić: Albanians unified, and we mediate over Trepča


Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Đurić said that in Serbia we have “political mediation” involved in a sensitive subject such as Trepča.
Đurić said so answering a question on what did the officials from Belgrade sign in Brussels on Trepča in the TV show “150 minutes” on TV Prva.

“We have a problem here. While the Albanians are unified in their striving to secede, and take our property, in Serbia we face some kind of political mediation on that issue”, said Đurić.

He noted that “it is a well-known fact” that two thirds of theBrussels Treaty refer to the Community of Serb municipalities, while the rest refers to judicial and police authorities.

“In spite of that, there are those who attack the Serbian Government while fighting to find a solution. No document foresees the obligation of shutting down some of our institutions, on the contrary”, said Đurić.

Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija said that Belgrade “has been insisting for years now” on talks regarding Trepča in Brussels, butthey were rejected.

“Aleksandar Vučić has been insisting on it for three or four years, but they kept rejecting. Therefore, we ask for the UN to join.The Albanian side wants to take away our property and by decision-making, puts itself into a situation to avoid compromise. They should not get the support of the international community for such an inflexible approach, because it only makes reaching an agreement impossible”, said Đurić.

While the public awaits the session of the Government, and the decision of the national leadership on further steps, expected to take place on Tuesday, Đurić keeps assuring that Belgrade will “use all means”.

“We will use all legal and political means, and all democratic, parliamentary and non-parliamentary methods of fighting. We also ask a question, why is something that is unenforceable being adopted”, said Đurić.

Source: Tanjug


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