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10 facts about the ‘mad scientist’ Nikola Tesla


On Nikola Tesla’s 163rd birth anniversary, here are 10 interesting and unknown facts that you must know about the underrated genius.

Nikola Tesla was an engineer, physicist, futurist and an inventor. He was one of the most underrated inventors and was majorly known for his contributions in modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. Nikola Tesla’s major inventions and contributions include AC electricity, X-Ray, radio — amongst many more.

He was born on July 10, in the year 1856, and died on January 7, 1943.

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.” – Nikola Tesla

On Tesla’s 163rd birth anniversary, here are 10 interesting and unknown facts that you must know.

1. Nikola Tesla earned the reputation of a ‘mad scientist’ in popular culture.

2. Initially, Tesla worked for Thomas Edison in 1882. Tesla’s main task was to complete Edison’s direct current (DC) motors. Edison had promised Tesla 50,000 USD if he was able to finish the design.

However, when Edison made an improvement in the working of the generators, Edison joked and said, “Tesla, you don’t understand our American humour.” Tesla immediately resigned due to Edison’s change in offer.

3. Tesla created the first neon lights by bending test tubes and invented ways of using and harnessing light by distributing it.

4. The SI unit of magnetic flux is Tesla. It was he who introduced the concept of Earth being a magnet and the fact that it generates electricity.

5. It is believed that it was Tesla and not Marconi who came up with the concept of radio. In 1943, the Supreme Court of the United States said that Tesla’s patents were older than Marconi’s.

6. It was Tesla who was successful in experiments with electromagnetic waves which led to the invention of X-rays. He believed that everything we want to know about the universe is around as at all times, but we need to use our mind to see the real world.

7. Nikola Tesla cared more about inventions than becoming famous. Tesla has some major contributions in the field of computers and lasers as well.

8. Tesla Motors Inc, an American automotive company named itself after Nikola Tesla.

9. There is a Nikola Tesla Award which has been named after the genius. The award is given to scientists and inventors who make major contributions to electric power.

10. Nikola Tesla died on January 7, 1943, of coronary thrombosis (–a blockage of the flow of blood to the heart, caused by a blood clot in a coronary artery).



Source: indiatoday.in


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