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10 interesting facts about Banjaluka (2nd largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina)


1.The province of Bagni di Lucca (in Italy) was named after the town of Banjaluka.

2. The species of yellow-red tulips grown in the Netherlands is called “Banjaluka”.

3. The first records of this town dates back to the 15th century during the reign of Vladislav II Jagelović’s wreath. On 4 February 1494, in the town of Budim, King Jagelović issued a document in which the town of Banja Luka is referred to as a Hungarian fortress within the newly formed Banovina Jajce.

4. The oldest hydropower plant in the Balkans is located in Banja Luka. The monks from the Trapist order built a hydroelectric power plant in 1899 in the village of Delibaš.

5. In 1929 Banja Luka had 20,000 inhabitants. There was a cemetery at the center of the city. The first ban of the Vrbaska banana Tisza Milosavljevic succeeded in building a European city from a neglected city.

6. Legendary jazz musician Qincey Jones has been guest in the 60’s of the last century in Banja Luka. During the concert, electricity was lost, and the organizers brought candles and petroleum lamps. In honor of this, musician Jones has composed the song “Banjaluka”, which is still performed at concerts today.https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=I8RCe4t6idU

7. The restaurant in Warsaw is called “Banjaluka”, an unusual cafe in Krakow called Banja Luka and the alternative club in Berlin is called “Banjaluka”.

8. The so-called “Olympic Archery” was built at the Borik Sports Hall in Banja Luka, in honor of the Olympic winners from Banjaluka: football champions Tomislav Knez and Velimir Sombolac (1960 Olympics in Rome), handball players Abas Arslanagić, Milorad Karalić, Nebojša Popović and Dobrivoje Selec played in 1972 in Munich), handball players Zlatan Arnautović and Zdravko Rađenović, boxer Anton Josipović (Olympic Games, Los Angeles 1984).

9. Banja Luka is a city of youth, sport, beautiful women and green ale, located on the beautiful Vrbas River. It is the largest city in a smaller entity Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina). April 22 is the Day of the City of Banja Luka.

10. Banja Luka is a city with over 1000 cafes and restaurants. The first coffee bar was opened in 1617.


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