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10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit this Summer on Balkan Peninsula


The Balkan Peninsula contains some of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The region is renowned for offering excellent servings of history, cuisine, adventure and some of the most beautiful natural environments in the world. With close to 15 countries lying either wholly or partially within the Balkan Peninsula, any would-be visitor is spoilt for choice. To complicate matters, each country has scores or even hundreds of top destinations to choose from. However, there are certain destinations which have established a reputation for offering exciting tourist experiences. Such destinations are a must-see for any visitor intending to travel to the Balkans. Here are 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit this Summer on Balkan Peninsula.

1. Lake Bled, Slovenia

This small Alpine town in northwestern Slovenia rings the shore of Lake Bled, whose glacial blue waters surround a tiny island and its small Baroque church. After a two-hour stroll around the lake, hike to the medieval hilltop castle for panoramic views or recharge with a slice of the local specialty: kremšnita, a sugar-topped pastry filled with cream and custard that has been served for decades at the Hotel Park.

2. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

The park harbours a grand collection of waterfalls, gallery of lakes, forest and diversity of animal life. The lakes are renowned for their distinctive colors, ranging from azure to green, grey or blue. The colors change constantly depending on the quantity of minerals or organisms in the water and the angle of sunlight. The sixteen lakes which are formed by natural dams of travertine are separated into upper and lower lakes. Plitvice lakes are recognized as an astonishing natural monument for the benefit and enjoyment of the people now and for the generations to come.

3. Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Montenegro is a country in the Balkans, on the Adriatic Sea. This is a truly Balkan jewel. On the Adriatic near Budva, there’s a Sveti Stefan resort, which includes a three-acre island with rooms set in repurposed 15th-century cottages, with Aman Resorts opening 10 suites, a spa and restaurant on the island.

4. Meteora, Greece

Meteora is an area in Thessaly (Central Greece) and Kalampaka is the city under the rock towers of Meteora. The thing that makes Meteora so special is the monasteries on the top of the rock towers. The monasteries, the amound of peaks to climb and the paths for hiking brings in Meteora the whole year many tourists.

5. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Located along the Neretva River, Mostar is one of the most historic cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also one of the few cities with a rich collection of Ottoman – Islamic architecture. Its iconic attraction is the Stari Most (Old Bridge) built over the Neretva River by the Ottomans in 1556.

6. Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

Lake Ohrid lies in the valley between Ohrid and Struga, in the border region between Macedonia and Albania and is the 7th deepest lake in Europe. Most of the Ohrid lake water bulk comes from numerous surface and underground springs. That is the reason certain researchers consider it unique in the world. Most of the surface springs lie along the southern shore, near the monastery of Saint Naum on the Macedonian side, and near the villages of Tusemiste and Starovo and the town of Pogradec in Albania. Ohrid lake is the No. 1 tourism destination in Macedonia, making Ohrid & Struga – most visited towns.

7. Nesebar, Bulgaria

Nesebar is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria. The town, located on a peninsula in the Black sea, consists of two parts, which are connected by an isthmus. The old area is filled with ancient buildings and picturesque churches. At the entrance of the old part of Nesebar there are remains of fortified walls. In 1983 the cultural monuments of Nesebar were added to UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. During the last ten years the resort has turned into a modern European town with attractive hotels, offering excellent conditions for its tourists. The beach is clean, with nice sand. The fans of water activities can go swimming, fishing or diving there.

8. Dracula’s Castle, Romania

Anyone who knows Dracula Graph has to visit Dracula’s Castle near Bran, in close vicinity of Brasov in Romania. Naturally, it is a popular tourist attraction in the country. The history of this castle can be dated to 13th century AD.

9. Sarande, Albania

Located in the iconic Albainan Riviera, Sarande is one of the most popular destinations in Albania. It is renowned for its serene, elegant and romantic aura which makes it a magnet for honeymooners. Sarande is located in an idyllic gulf in the Ionian Sea, surrounded by pristine blue waters, white sand beaches and a beautiful promenade.

10. Niš, Serbia

The cultural, industrial and administrative capital of Nisava District on River Nisava in Serbia is surely a place to visit on the Balkans. Niš fortress, Mediana archaeological site, skull tower, etc. are some of the attractions in or around Niš. Niš Fortress is a complex and important cultural and historical monument. It rises on the right bank of the Nišava River, overlooking the area inhabited for longer than two millennia old.

As a special place, we recommend you Pučiśća in Croatia

The buses and cruises that stop along Croatia’s sunny Dalmatian coast unleash tourists eager to experience the charms of Dubrovnik and the ancient island village of Hvar. Fewer visitors find their way to Pučiśća on the island of Brač. The reward is a seaside village with outsize appeal: white-stone villas with terracotta roofs, narrow cobblestoned alleys, and a stone-paved square. Bask in its relative solitude and the many prime spots for swimming in the turquoise Adriatic Sea.

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