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1,000 mw of power from renewables in next ten years


Acting Director General of Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske Luka Petrović says renewable energy sources are Srpska’s enormous potential expected to generate 1,000 megawatts of electricity worth EUR1.25 billion over the next ten years.

Petrović emphasised during the Jahorina Economic Forum 2019 on Tuesday that an amount of BAM375 million was required for the implementation of planned projects related to the utilisation of renewables in the next three years.

Noting that such sources of energy are not well-explored, Petrović said that, apart from electricity generation from wind, utilisation of geothermal sources and biomass should be considered, too.

During a panel discussion about clean technologies, he stressed that electricity production from renewable sources was primarily expected from the hydro potential provided by the rivers Trebišnjica, Drina in its upper course, Drina’s tributary Bistrica, as well as Vrbas and Bosna.

The Drina projects are planned for execution together with Serbia, the country that the river’s hydro energy potential is shared with, said Petrović.

“Solar power plants can be developed in the area of Trebinje and their planned capacity is 100 megawatts,” explained Petrović and added that the third segment of electricity generation from renewables was wind parks with an estimated potential of over 300 megawatts.

When it comes to the existing thermal power plants in Republika Srpska, efforts are made to reduce the emission of harmful gases, while authorities are considering the utilisation of gas as well as waste fuel, added Petrović.


Source: srna


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