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101 Years Since End of World War I


Today is 101 years since the end of World War I, in which Serbia lost almost a third of its total population, or about 60 percent of the male population.

The First World War officially ended with the capitulation of Germany on this day in 1918 at 11.00, when in a railway wagon in Kompyenne in France the Entente forces signed a ceasefire with Germany and thus ended the First World War.

Serbia suffered the biggest casualty rate in World War I. It is estimated that Serbia lost more than 1.1 million inhabitants during the war, including both army and civilian losses. This represented more than 26 per cent of its then total population and 58 per cent of its adult male population.

The end of WWI in Serbia has been celebrated as a national holiday since 2012.

Badge which people carry on 11 November is a combination of the legendary Commemorative Medal for the withdrawal of the Serbian army through Albania and a unique flower that grows on Mount Kaimakchalan. Natalia’s Ramonda is a flower that has multiple symbolism, it tells the story of the Serbian people and temptations through which it had passed. It was named after Queen Natalia Obrenović and in botany it’s also known as the Phoenix flower. Even completely dry, with very little water, it can revive and continue its life. It was chosen to commemorate the resurrection of Serbia, which rose from the ashes of the World War I and continued to live.


















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