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Novak Djoković donated money to save a Serbian church in France


The world’s best tennis player financially helped the sanctuary in Nice.

According to the French media, Novak Djokovic joined the rescue operation of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Nice, where he hung out with people from Serbia who live in the French Riviera.

The building in which the Serbian chapel is located is on sale because the owners plan on making more money than they are making right now with renting. “Figaro” states that Novak answered to help with a financial intervention, to the changes from happening, and in the last second.

The new owners have already started a court procedure to evict the current users, and some of them are the chapel of the Serbian Orthodox church. Right after receiving the information about the problem, Novak decided to get involved in solving it.

The best Serbian tennis player used the opportunity and the time before the start of the season to visit the mentioned church in Nice, which gathers Serbian community and nurtures Serbian tradition. He has shared his amazement with the followers on social networks.

– Stefan and I visited a very special Serbian church in Nice. It’s a small place where the Serbian community and culture are nurtured. Families get together every second Sunday and spend real quality time together…Teachers volunteer to play with kids – they read a story and then create a theatre like show to breath life into the words they read. Stefan and I were participating in it as a Red Haired Lion and little Lamb – wrote Djokovic.












Source: telegraf



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