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Dodik: Alija sacrificed peace for BiH, remains to see what Bakir will sacrifice for BiH


Let him renew the Council of Ministers with the same parties. I am telling him he is signing the act on dissolution of BiH by doing it. Bakir Izetbegović, nor anyone inside or outside the country, can redraw what Republika Srpska citizens said, says Dodik. 

Serb Member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, stressed that SDA Leader Bakir Izetbegović is the one to blame for failing to form authorities at the BiH level, stating that the party is persistently working against BiH.

“They often point out it is nation-building party and that BiH is its merit. It is interesting though that the SDA is persistently working against BiH. The father /Alija Izetbegović/ sacrificed peace for BiH, and it remains to be see what his son /Bakir Izetbegović/ will sacrifice for BiH,” Dodik said in his SRNA interview.

Speaking about the fact that it is the eleventh month since the general elections in BiH ended, and that the authorities were not formed in the cantons, the Federation of BiH and joint institutions, Dodik stressed that, unlike those levels, the situation in Republika Srpska is regular and it is already forgotten that the elections were held 11 months ago.

“After the October 2018 elections, the government was constituted only in Srpska within record time. Our National Assembly, the Government, the president and all the institutions of Srpska are functioning. We make decisions important to our citizens and I must say the life did not cease over election results implementation. On the contrary, we have launched a number of projects of interest to both our Republic and its citizens. We in Srpska think of how the budget for 2020 will look like, although in the other part of BiH the budget for the current has not been ‘graduated’,” Dodik says.

According to him, electoral fever shakes the other part of BiH, i.e. FBiH, where no authorities were formed at any level in accordance with the election results.

“The federal media controlled by the SDA place authorities formation issue only at the level of BiH, seeking there someone to blame at the behest of Bakir Izetbegovićs, which is, of course, the SNSD, or the HDZ if not the SNSD. Why is failing to form the authorities in the cantons and constitute the FBiH Government not commented? It is not true that the SNSD and Milorad Dodik are responsible for failing to establish authorities at these levels, which is less commented in the media, but without which obviously no new government will be formed at the level of joint institutions,” said Dodik, who is also the leader of the SNSD.

He stressed that the SNSD does not set any condition for forming authorities, but that the SDA does.

“The SDA has set NATO as a condition, which does not appear to be a condition in EU structures with which I have personally had the opportunity to speak. On the contrary, further movement towards the EU was conditioned by the formation of authorities,” Dodik said.

According to him, it is clear to everyone that the one that has been chasing after witches across BiH on its own initiative for days is the one to blame for failing to form authorities at the joint level.

“Of course I’m talking about Bakir Izetbegović. He obviously has a problem explaining to his voters and Bosniak political body that neither the SNSD as the winner in Republika Srpska nor the HDZ as the winner in Croat national corps is obliged to take a bow before SDA’s blackmails. What Izetbegović has been saying for 11 months is nothing more than a mere public nuisance and retention of old positions. Izetbegović recalls the Constitution only when suits him, but will ever say his party blocks the electoral will in Srpska depriving it of the Constitution-guaranteed right of representation,” Dodik says.

He recalled that, on the election night, the SNSD knew it had the legitimacy and support of the people to carry out important tasks in Sarajevo.

“We soon had a team for Sarajevo, but obviously Izetbegović believes he is a selector and that this team, chosen by Republika Srpska, will not play according to his plan. It seems he faces the same problem with the HDZ team. Then we come to the simple conclusion that Izetbegović actually has a problem with the distorted interpretation of his role first, then with the Serbs and Croats. And then we come to the new conclusion that Izetbegović has a problem with the Dayton structure of BiH, and finally, Izetbegović has a problem with reality,” Dodik said in an interview to SRNA.

He stressed that the crisis created by Izetbegović and the SDA has moved to the entire FBiH and then to Srpska in the part implying that the joint institutions are in a service of the entities.

Asked if the SNSD abides by its positions not to accept the activation of the NATO /MAP/ Membership Action Plan and would strive for military neutrality, Dodik responded – yes, exactly like that.

“The SNSD is not a party to invalidate the will of the National Assembly, which is one of the most important institutions in BiH. I can also understand SDA’s stance such decision cannot bind the entire BiH, but they should, if they care about possible BiH, understand that the National Assembly of Republika Srpska does not intend to oblige the entire BiH via its decisions, but what is certain is that it obliges all Serb representatives in the joint institutions,” Dodik stressed.

He recalled that they had the opportunity to see the implementation of the BiH Constitution on the entity interest protection issue a few days ago.

“The National Assembly of Republika Srpska has declared itself. Excuse me, what else are we looking for? Only to embed our interest into something called BiH’s interest. If our interest is not part of that interest, then the question is not how the authorities will be formed, but how BiH can survive at all,” Dodik said.

Commenting on the increasing number of rumors from by the SDS and PDP that a new majority at the BiH level is possible and that the two parties have not relinquished the possibility of coming into power, Dodik stressed that they are still in power, though in caretaking capacity.

“They have been doing nothing for the past 11 months but keeping their positions safe. The elections, i.e. the citizens, disrupt their plans when voted for the SNSD. And what have they done or been doing? The SDA is clearly pleased with how SDS and PDP representatives acted at the Council of Ministers and other joint institutions for nearly five years,” Dodik says.

He asked who the SDA and Bakir Izetbegović were to determine who would represent Srpska in joint institutions.

“Let him renew the Council of Ministers with the same parties. I am telling him he is signing the act on dissolution of BiH by doing it. Bakir Izetbegović, nor anyone inside or outside the country, can redraw the will of the Republika Srpska citizens. The entire international community with all the interventions we have witnesses for years would not save Izetbegović and BiH from such adventure. I am telling him to immediately swallow the oil and digest the fact that the SNSD, with its coalition partners, is the election winner in Srpska, and to choose – either he will come to senses soon or will slowly repent,” Dodik warned.

Commenting on Izetbegovic’s statement that “Kosovo’s status cannot be linked to the possible status of Srpska, because the same party committed crimes, genocide in both Kosovo and BiH and led to NATO intervention, which stopped the horrific violence against non-Serbs”, and that “there are no historical, legal or moral preconditions for the independence of Republika Srpska,” Dodik emphasized that Srpska is already independent and by all standards has elements of the state.

He recalled that obviously both the moral and historical preconditions were respected in Dayton in 1995, and the Dayton Agreement incorporated legal one that Republika Srpska is an independent entity with its own assembly, government, president, police and many other institutions.

“The Dayton Agreement even specified an army. When talking about moral preconditions, Izetbegović must be referring to Bosniaks who died for BiH, forgetting that neither Serbs nor Croats died for BiH but fought at the doorsteps. Serbs fought for their centuries-old homes and defended them in the most of the cases. Historically, we were there when Bosniaks were not at all so it would not be bad for Izetbegović to flip through historical readings,” Dodik said

He said that it was a cheeky thesis that the same party had committed crimes in both Kosovo and BiH, with unarmed innocent people on the other side.

“It fits in with Alija Izetbegović’s son, who, as he admitted, sacrificed peace for BiH. What is Bakir Izetbegović talking about nowadays? About interpretations, which more and more people are giving up the world wide, realizing that the ‘truth’ from the 1990s is not clear,” Dodik said in an interview to SRNA.

He added that Izetbegović’s statement came on a day when all the media published terrorist KLA crimes against innocent Serb civilians killed for organ trafficking.

“The Serbs who were organ harvested were caught in the territory of Serbia, not Albania, which Izetbegović should have known. He is not naive enough to believe in what he is saying that the double standards are applied only a few hundred kilometers away, so one thing is applied in Kosovo and something completely different in Republika Srpska. We think they cannot. And it is better for him to prepare for such position than to deceive himself and to keep others in misapprehension,” Dodik stressed.


Source: srna


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