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13 New Infections in the Republic of Srpska Today


13 new cases of coronavirus infection registered in the Republic of Srpska, Republic of Srpska Minister of Health and Social Welfare Alen Šeranić said at a news conference on the current epidemiological situation in RS.

Šeranić explained that one test was repeated and that it was positive, but that there were 13 new cases. A total of 41 samples were tested for coronavirus.

“These are nine men and five women,” Šeranić said.

This increased the number of infected people in Srpska to 103.

He stated that among persons confirmed to be positive for the coronavirus, six from Banja Luka, three from Kozarska Dubica, two from Brod, and one each from Laktaši and Teslić.

The minister said that a surgeon from Banjaluka had been infected with the virus but had contracted it outside the UCC.

He added that out of the total number of people confirmed for the presence of the new coronavirus, four are in the University Clinical Center of Republic of Srpska, while the rest are in home isolation and their health status is stable.

According to the minister, 15,812 people are currently under medical supervision in the Republic of Srpska.

“A total of 814 people came out of health surveillance,” Šeranić added.

Also, at the University Clinical Center of the Republic of Srpska, there are currently 11 people tested positive for the coronavirus test and 14 people in isolation.

“There were 46 people quarantined in Gradiška, 45 were in good health and will be referred to local communities today, one person was referred to a hospital in Gradiška,” Šeranić said.

He added that the next step was the full quarantine in Brod and Šamac.

“It is recommended that everyone wear masks, and the next thing is to raise the levels for diagnosis and treatment,” the minister said.




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