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Region’s longest mountain bobsled opens (VIDEO)


Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Milorad Dodik, together with management of the Jahorina Olympic Centre and children, guests of the Olympic beauty, commissioned the longest mountain in the region on Thursday.

The grand opening was held in the new facilities near the artificial lake, in the close vicinity of the Poljice six chairlift stop, in the presence of a great number of guests and officials.

Dodik congratulated the management of the Jahorina Olympic Centre on their extraordinary success achieved on the grandiose project carried out by entity and local authorities.

He pointed out that the future development of the Jahorina Olympic Centre also entailed passing a new law that would regulate the management of the top-notch tourist destination, its resources and capacities.

According to him, the area will soon be declared a nature park.

Director of the Olympic Centre Dejan Ljevnaić and chairman of the Steering Board Nedeljko Elek thanked Dodik for his outstanding support and visionary approach to the revival of the centre and its transformation into a top-quality regional tourist destination.

Ljevnaić stressed that through major investment the Jahorina Olympic Centre wanted to become one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Southeast Europe during the summer season as well.

Construction of the biggest summer, adrenaline attraction, the 2,500-metre long mountain rail bobsled, the biggest one in this part of the Balkans, is just one aspect of the centre management’s successful strategy.



Source: srna


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