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Rail Bobsled becomes attraction in just five days


A 2.5-kilometre mountain bobsled on Jahorina, which ranks among Europe’s top ten longest ones, has become a proper attraction only five days after its launch and drawn a great number of people for a ride down the slopes of the Olympic mountain, reports the Jahorina Olympic Centre.

“With this new facility, Jahorina has become a centre of attention, visitors are waiting in lines sometimes longer than 100 metres just to take a ride on this incredibly interesting bobsled. Hotel owners on the mountain are satisfied too as their capacities and summer gardens are filled up to the last seat. They are the ones who benefit the most from the mountain bobsled,” reads the press release.

The Olympic Centre say they are thrilled by the interest shown by their guests, since they had not expected the new summer attraction to be so popular.

“The parameters we monitor have gone up sharply. So far, we have had around 10,000 summer rides, turnover has reached nearly BAM85,000, which is a 120% increase compared to the last summer. We have even exceeded the results of the 2016 entire summer season by as much as 150% in terms of rides and have also recorded a 210% increase in turnover,” said Director of the Jahorina Olympic Centre Dejan Ljevnaić.

According to him, the interest is so high that business hours over the weekend were extended by another three hours so that everyone who came could take a ride down the mountain.

“I would like to call on everyone who came here to test the facility and enjoy the ride which can go up to 40 kilometres per hour passing through the most beautiful parts of Jahorina. I believe the bobsled ride is a unique way to experience Jahorina in the summer,” said Ljevnaić.


Source: srna


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