Home News 16 new cases in Srpska yesterday; A total of 45 were infected

16 new cases in Srpska yesterday; A total of 45 were infected


There are 16 new cases of coronavirus infection registered in the Republic of Srpska, Republic of Srpska Minister of Health and Social Welfare Alen Šeranić said at a news conference after a session of the Republican Emergency Headquarters, held yesterday in Banja Luka.

Šeranić said 50 samples were tested, 16 of which tested positive for coronavirus. It is about ten women and six men. Six women are middle-aged, two are younger and two are older.

Five men are middle-aged and one younger.

Of the cases confirmed yesterday, two were hospitalized at the UCC of Republic of Srpska, one at Prijedor General Hospital and one at Bijeljina Hospital. Šeranić said none of them were life-threatening.

He stated that nine cases related to the third cluster in Banja Luka.

– Three of the 16 are from Banja Luka, all are related to individual cases – he said.

Šeranić added that one person was infected in Ribnik, Prijedor, Kozarska Dubica and Bijeljina.

This has increased the total number of infected in the Republic of Srpska to 45. In Banja Luka, 34 cases were recorded, in Čelinac and Laktaši each, and in Srbac, Prnjavor, Ribnik, Modriča, Kozarska Dubica, Prijedor and Bijeljina, one each.

There are currently 9,850 people in Srpska under medical surveillance who came from areas affected by the coronavirus.

A total of 330 people emerged from health surveillance.






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