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19.6 million KM in subsidies to boost the economy

Željko Kovačević

Representatives of 285 companies from Republika Srpska and the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines, Zeljko Kovacevic, signed an agreement for the allocation of subsidies for economic growth in the amount of 19.6 million KM.

Kovacevic said that the economy is on the rise even though the environment in which it functions isn’t ideal. He pointed out that economic entities that have been granted incentives, last year exported goods worth 940 million, employed more than 18,000 workers and invested 150 million KM in development.

The minimum amount of a subsidy is about 21,000 KM, whilst the highest is 167,000 KM, received by the Oil refinery in Modrica. Kovacevic noted that subsidies were given to economic entities that regularly pay their taxes and contributions.


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