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19 years since the beginning of NATO aggression against Yugoslavia (VIDEO)


Nineteen years have passed since the beginning of NATO aggression against #Serbia (then Federal Republic of #Yugoslavia), when at least 2,500 civilians were killed and more than 12,500 people were injured during the 78 days of bombing.

Attacks on Serbia began on 24 March 1999, and the last attack took place on 10 June, at 13.15 near Kosovska Kamenica. About 1,008 members of the army and police were killed or disappeared, of which 659 members of the military and 349 police officers. About 6,000 civilians were seriously or lightly injured, including 2,700 children.

Total damage is estimated at tens of billions of dollars. NATO war losses in manpower and technology have never been disclosed. Yugoslavia was invaded on the pretext that it’s the one to blame for the failure of the talks in #Rambouillet and #Paris on the future status of its southern province of #Kosovo and #Metohija.

After the National Assembly of Serbia confirmed the decision to reject the deployment of foreign troops in Serbia, 19 NATO member countries began the air strikes on Serbia on 24 March 1999 at 19.45 without the approval of the United Nations Security Council. The bombing destroyed and damaged about 25,000 houses, it damaged 470 kilometers of roads and 595 kilometers of railways, 14 airports, 19 hospitals, 20 health centers, 18 kindergartens, 69 schools, 176 cultural monuments and 44 bridges, while 38 were destroyed. NATO launched 1,300 cruise missiles, threw over 37,000 “cluster bombs” which killed around 200 people and injured hundreds, and used a prohibited ammunition with depleted uranium. No one was held responsible for these crimes till present day.

Two journalists RT, peers, American Anisa noui and Serbia’s Jelena Milinčić, visiting places that are most damaged in the bombing and discuss what is one of them worked these, for us, the terrible days.




Source: fb page @Meet.the.Serbs


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