Home Economy 2.3 percent more employees in Republika Srpska

2.3 percent more employees in Republika Srpska


The number of employed persons in Republika Srpska at the end of September was 275,418, or 2.3 percent more than at the end of March, according to the data of the semi-annual report of the Republic Bureau of Statistics.

The largest number of persons 162,653 were employed in privately owned entities, while 78,376 were employed in state-owned, 34,167 in mixed-ownership, and 312 were employed in cooperative ownership.

By field of activity, most persons 57,409 were employed in manufacturing, 49,119 in trade, and 25,566 in public administration, defense and compulsory social security.

In terms of vocational education, the highest number of employees 109,348 had secondary education and 59,863 persons had higher education.


Source: SRNA


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