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$ 20 million to mitigate effects of pandemics


The World Bank has secured $ 20 million for BiH to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemics, the Office of the World Bank in BiH told Srna.

“The World Bank has secured $ 20 million for BiH in a quick manner. We are currently having talks with the BiH authorities,” the Office said.

The Office says the World Bank Group has secured an initial $ 14 billion package to help countries facing health and economic effects of the pandemics.

“The financial package was designed to help member countries to undertake appropriate measures in order to respond and mitigate tragic effects of the coronavirus outbreak where possible,” says the World Bank.

Through this package, the World Bank will help developing countries to strengthen their health care systems, improve the monitoring of the disease and cushion the blow of the pandemics on the private sector and the economy.

“The financial package, secured through the International Association for Development, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Financial Corporation, will be coordinated globally to support responses at the level of countries,” says the World Bank Office in BiH.


Source: srna


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