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Srpska wines on three continents


Republika Srpska-produced wines can be found on three continents, thanks to the quality of which, the producers maintain the trend with the environment, Senior Secretary of the Association of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Srpska Chamber of Commerce, Dragan Šepa stated yesterday.

Šepa says the white wine is mostly produced, followed by red, while rosé wines are produced in smaller quantities.

“Wine production is primarily focused on high-quality wine categories, mostly autochthonous varieties ideal for growing in local geographical and climatic conditions, based on local growing traditions and are part of cultural heritage,” Šepa said.

According to him, wine production in Srpska is estimated to be around one million liters per year, while the largest local producers from Herzegovina have a production capacity of approximately 200,000 bottles per year.

Šepa cited data of the Republika Srpska Institute of Statistics, according to which in 2021 the total area under vineyards in Srpska was 600 hectares, and the number of vine trees was around 1,913,000.

The Serbian Orthodox Church /SOC/ yesterday celebrates Saint Trifun, who is the patron saint of winegrowers, and the pruning of the grapes begins yesterday.


Source: srna.rs


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