Home News 403 samples tested, 38 new cases in Republika Srpska

403 samples tested, 38 new cases in Republika Srpska


Another 38 new persons have tested positive for the coronavirus in Republika Srpska, out of a total of 403 tested, Minister of Health and Social Welfare Alen Šeranić said yesterday.

The number of coronavirus infected patients in Srpska is now 200.

Šeranić has stated that, when it comes to new cases, there are 20 women and 18 men, they are mostly middle-aged and that they are mostly family clusters.

“Most of these persons are from Banja Luka – 29, then two from Laktaši and Kneževo, one each from Gradiška, Teslić, Prnjavor, Kotor Varoš and a woman who died yesterday”, Šeranić said at a press conference.

He stated that nine people were hospitalized at the University Clinical Center /UKC/ of Republika Srpska, while the others, considering that they had no symptoms, would be placed in isolation.

Šeranić indicateed that in addition to doctor at the UKC Srpska who is positive for the coronavirus, the virus was also confirmed to the doctor and nurse who worked with him on the same shift.

According to him, a total of 65 people in Republika Srpska are being treated for coronavirus, of which 32 people were hospitalized at the UKC Srpska and one in Doboj.

Šeranić added that there are four persons on the ventilators, and 16 persons are in isolation who have symptoms and are awaiting confirmation of results, and there are 12 persons on the department where persons with milder symptoms are treated.

Source: srna


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