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Dragana Djermanovic: “We simplify your business”


What does it feel like to receive such a significant world recognition in business and innovations?

DDj: For years I have been holding lectures at the most significant world and regional conferences, I have been studying hard and developing new products within my company. I am the winner of the award for one of top 100 entrepreneurs of Europe, I was presented with the award “Flower of Success for the Most Powerful Woman” and I am a member of numerous committees for giving recognition in business use of Internet. Every recognition is important to me, but to be proclaimed woman of the decade in social networks and leadership at the most important women’s business conference, so-called “Davos for Women”, is the crown achievement of my career so far!


What is success for you and what would you advise others so that they could be successful in what they are doing – both locally and globally?

DDj: Measure of success is satisfaction. If you are satisfied, whatever you do and wherever you come from – I consider you successful! You measure success by your own meter, and the unit of measurement of my success meter is personal satisfaction with what I have achieved. Also, I think that the whole world is our market! That for education, business development and making friends, the door is wide open for us thanks to technological revolution whose participants we have the honour to be. Do not pressure yourself, do not offend others and the competition, do not diminish successes and good examples – when you say for somebody that they are stupid or bad, you did not thereby say that you are good or smart, you just offended somebody. In order to say that you are good and smart, you need to work more, and talk less – show, and not tell, and somehow we have become incredibly good in one and very bad in the other…Think in that way about yourself. The opportunities we have are countless! You personally have numerous talents and possibilities. Take as much as you need to be satisfied and do not blame the sea if you cannot catch a fish. The sea is there, there is more fish than you will ever know, and it is up to you to learn how to fish – by yourself or with somebody’s help, but for start you need to get into the market well-equipped with knowledge, high-quality product and courage.


Can you, for the end, tell us what you exactly do and what exactly is the job of your company?  

DDj: The client comes to us because they have no idea what to do with all those networks, people who hate, flourishing competition or simply because not enough people know about him, Bee Premium Group is one web organization for literally all corporate needs on the Internet, because from the analysis with which we exactly know where client is and what he is like with regard to the competition, through drafting an action plan to production of all individual contents to carry a plan into effect  (websites, infographics, videos, applications, activations and other) – it is all in our house, or better to say, beehive. Once we know where we are, when we have a plan how to achieve a goal and means for reaching that goal, appearance on the internet is a piece of cake! However, even when they think of amazing things and make them for the client, many agencies do not manage to make it massively visible and then work and money you invested do not mean a thing. We have the tools to make our clients and great things which we make for them massively visible on the web. In our possession is BeeShaper which is used for engaging people on the Internet who massively promote brands they love and use. In this way clients reach over 10.000.000 users of social networks in the region and start a buzz about their product and service on all networks from one place. Apart from BeeShaper, we are also the owners of BeeBlog – the largest blog network in southeastern Europe, so in that way 400.000 more blogs, that is, every other blog in the region, are in our beehive. We say to the client where they are with regard to the competition, how to reach business goal via social network, we do all that for him and share it with millions of people! All in one place, because business has enough challenges even without complicated marketing solutions. We simplify all that.


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