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More than 50 milion KM for Mrkonjic


In the past ten years, the Republika Srpska Government invested more than KM 50 million in Mrkonjic Grad Municipality from the Development Programme and the Republika Srpska Budget, the Republika Srpska Government has told SRNA. 

Another KM 18.4 million was invested in this municipality by way of lines of credit of the Investment-Development Bank.

The Government says that Mrkonjic Grad has significant investment potentials and a number of natural resources and that the economy and creating conditions for doing business are in the focus of Government’s operations.

“Budget support was provided to this local community for the development of the economy, and KM 1.5 million was provided to stimulate exports, improve the efficiency of doing business and other projects.

The Republika Srpska Government has invested KM 1.8 million in the housing of families of fallen soldiers and military war invalids in Mrkonjic Grad Municipality.

Thanks to these funds, 99 families have been housed – 40 families got new apartments and 59 families got grants.

In the past ten years, KM 2.6 million have been invested in projects of reconstruction of housing units, infrastructure, sustainable return, alternative accommodation and the like.

“KM 2.2 million was invested in employment and social welfare of workers. Six companies with 1,000 workers were taken care of, and KM 1.6 million was invested in employment projects in the period 2007-2017 and 378 persons were employed,” says the Government.

In the past ten years, 14 disabled persons were employed by way of the Fund for Professional Rehabilitation, Training and Employment of Disabled Persons in Mrkonjic Grad, for which purpose KM 35,000 was allocated.

By way of various projects, such as incentives for the development of agriculture and rural areas, KM 7.3 million has been invested since 2007.

The Government has invested significant funds in education, more than KM 3 million, and KM 1.5 in health care.

KM 7 million has been invested in the construction, reconstruction and modernisation of roads in Mrkonjic Grad Municipality, and the construction of a bridge.

KM 8.6 million has been invested from the economic-social component of the Development Programme in projects that are being implemented in this municipality.

As an example of a development programme in Mrkonjic Grad Municipality, the Government has cited the construction of the “R-S Silikon” factory whose construction and equipping cost a total of 41 million euros.

“140 new jobs have been created thanks to this investment, and the Republika Srpska Government has secured KM 9 million for the implementation of this project,” says the Republika Srpska Government.



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