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People will decide what they want


President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik warns that NATO is a political organisation meddling in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s internal matters and adds that the authorities in Srpska are increasingly thinking about letting the people as soon as possible to vote whether they want to join the Alliance to “put an end to the story” as far as Republika Srpska is concerned. 

Commenting on the decision by the Constitutional Court of BiH rejecting an appeal by the Srpska Attorney General’s Office about military property and the fact that NATO HQ in Sarajevo welcomed the ruling, Dodik noted that it represents an act of snatching away the territory and property that belongs to Republika Srpska and an act of on-going abuse of the judicial system, which is why Republika Srpska has to protect its rights and interests. 

“This is a very serious matter. It is part of on-going attacks on Republika Srpska, and they want to strip it of its power over its territory and property and in that regard, the judicial system is obviously continuously abused,” Dodik told Srna on Thursday.

He emphasised that the people standing behind this are representatives of the international community led by the Office of the High Representative /OHR/, asserting that NATO too got involved through its command in BiH.

“NATO is a political organisation and its meddling into our internal matters is obvious. That is why we in Republika Srpska have been thinking about finally letting the people decide as soon as possible about what they think about NATO, so that the story can be put an end to, internally, as far as Srpska is concerned,” said Dodik, submitting that there is a consensus in Srpska about NATO but that “some people are dismantling it in secrecy.”

Dodik assessed that NATO had definitely sided with one side in BiH with its view of the Constitutional Court decision about property, and that that side was not Republika Srpska, which does not have any obligation whatsoever to follow NATO in that respect.

As far as the behaviour of the state-level judicial institutions, Dodik said that as much as they may be gloating at this point, they must know that they are only slamming the nail in the coffin of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We will definitely not let this go, this is a robbery at the highest level and ignorance of the international law and Dayton Peace Accords,” warned the Srpska president. 

High Representative Valentin Inzko, “who only speaks up when he has to support the Muslims” can definitely not be a person to discuss the issues in BiH with, said Dodik.

“In my opinion, things are getting more serious by the day in that respect, and Srpska has to take its position, which has to be an absolute protection of our rights and interests,” he said. 

NATO HQ in Sarajevo welcomed the decision by the Constitutional Court of BiH rejecting the Srpska Attorney General’s Office appeal about military property saying that it was not enough for activating the Membership Action Plan /MAP/. 

The NATO HQ recalls that the registration of 57 perspective immovable military locations as the property of BiH remains the only requirement for the activation of MAP for BiH. 

source: SRNA


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