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6 Serbs arrested for massacre of 60 Bosniaks


Six former members of Bosnian Serb wartime military and police forces have been arrested on suspicion that they committed war crimes in eastern Bosnia.

Tanjug reported on Wednesday that they were arrested for the killing of at least 60 civilians, at least 11 of whom were children.

A statement issued by the Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina, quoted by Croatia’s Hina agency, said that special teams of the SIPA agency carried out the arrest operation in Vlasenica and Milici.

The suspects arrested today have been identified with their names and age as Branko Jovic (59), Milomir Milosevic (55), Nenad Vukotic (53), Nikola Losic (51), and Dejan Milovic (70).The sixth suspect, Radomir Pantic, is on trial before the Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina on charges of participation in genocide against Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) in Srebrenica, and was arrested after a court hearing.

Hina said that the Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina charges all six with committing the war crime in Zaklopaca near Milic, not far from Srebrenica, in the spring of 1992.

The prosecution claims that the civilians were buried in mass graves a day after the massacre, with the remains of 54 bodies found and exhumed in 2004, while search continues for others.

Source: B92


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