Home Business 60 tons of strawberry for Germany

60 tons of strawberry for Germany


Company „Prijedorcanka“ from Prijedor this year reedemed from its cooperants 60 tons of strawberries for exportation. Ljiljana Vukelić, director of company said that they are very satisfied with their cooperants and the quality of strawberry that they bought for Germany market. Price of one kilo strawberry in reddemation process is 1,8 – 1,9KM per kilogram.

This year strawberry crops were smaller by it’s size but generally, the quality is first class. This company is planning new plant season for august this year and they are hoping they will also find new cooperants in that process. Curently, „Prijedorčanka“ is working on it’s full capacity and they are freezing around 1300 tons of strawberries and exporting them to the Germany. They have cooperants from different cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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