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69 new cases in the Republic of Srpska, a total of 969


In the Republic of Srpska, 69 new cases of coronavirus have been registered, bringing the number of infected to 969, said Minister of Health and Social Welfare Alen Šeranić.

Šeranić said that 447 laboratory samples were tested in the last 24 hours, adding that the virus was confirmed in 69 people.

– 22 are from Banja Luka, 11 Teslić, 9 from Derventa, eight from Doboj, four from Brod, two from Prnjavor, Modriča, Gradiška and Čelinac, and one each from Mrkonjić Grad, Kozarska Dubica, Zvornik, Vukosavlje, Petrovo, Laktaši and Kneževo – said Šeranić.

– 381 persons were recovered – Minister Šeranić pointed out.

He added that another 20 health workers from Banja Luka, Čelinac, Doboj and Mrkonjic Grad were tested as part of the epidemiological surveillance and that all findings were negative.

– 44 persons from local quarantines were tested, and three persons from Teslić were quarantined. This shows that the measure of accommodation of persons coming from abroad to quarantine has produced a result – said Šeranić.

He said at a press conference in Banja Luka that there has been an increase in the number of patients in the last two to three days, which may be related to the detection of more positive cases in nursing homes.

– Through the supervision of nursing homes, we recorded staff from Derventa who were positive but had no symptoms. They were present in the Nursing Home and spread the infection to a large number of users. 18 people from the Derventa Nursing Home were tested in this round, and 12 beneficiaries and two workers were positive. Tested persons from other homes for the elderly are negative – says Šeranić.

There are 152 patients treated at the UCC Srpska, 48 of them with a more severe clinical picture, six on a respirator, one on a non-invasive mode of mechanical ventilation, and seven in isolation awaiting a finding.

There are 25 in the old location of Banja Luka Surgery and 65 in Pulmonology with a mild to the moderate clinical picture.

The Doboj hospital has 43 patients, Trebinje and East Sarajevo 12 each, Prijedor six and in Foča four.

– We have an increased number of people being cared for at the hospital headquarters in Doboj. During the day, I will probably visit Doboj to see what management is all about, even though we have information that persons from nursing homes are placed in this institution – said Šeranić.

In the Student Center “Nikola Tesla” in Banja Luka there are 141 persons who are positive for coronavirus but have no symptoms, in the Student Center in Trebinje 11, the Student Center in Zvornik two, the Student House in Bijeljina one, while in East Sarajevo, Pale and Foča there are no patients in this type of accommodation.

There are 3,926 people under medical supervision in Srpska, and this measure ended in 24,059 people.

In the last 24 hours, 89 people entered the border crossings, 84 quarantined at the border crossings, and this morning there were nine people.




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