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7,000 migrants entered Bosnia in 2018


Bosnia’s Council of Ministers (CoM) was informed that some 7,000 migrants entered Bosnia illegally since January 1. The CoM supported the state Security Ministry’s activities conducted in cooperation with other law-enforcement institutions concerning the increased migrant influx into Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Council supported the announced visit of the State Security Minister to the Una-Sana Canton and expressed the need to speed-up the activities on renovation and opening of ‘Agrokomerc’ company’s facilities to be used for the accommodation of migrants in this canton.

They also said they expect help from the EU concerning this facility. At the same time, they are considering the possibility of opening additional facilities in the area of this canton, with the financial aid of the international community.

The CoM also concluded they expect the EU to stop the inflow of migrants from the EU to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia’s Security Ministry informed the CoM with the report on the situation concerning the influx of migrants in the country saying that the Foreigners’ Affairs Service recorded some 7,000 illegal migrants in the period January 1 – June 22. Some 6,000 of them expressed their intent to file for asylum, while some 700 persons filed their applications for asylum.  


Source: N1


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