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“Novine Serbske” – the first Serbian daily Newspaper


The last number of “Novine Serbske” was published in Vienna on February 27, 1822.

“Novine Serbske” (Serbian newspapers) were the first Serbian daily newspaper, which appeared on August 1, 1813 in Vienna.

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Until May 1816, the newspaper editors were Dimitrije Davidović and Dimitrije Frušić, medical students. The first Serbian newspaper appeared in the times convenient for daily newspapers, during the wars of the united European coalition against Napoleon. Most of the space, almost three-quarters, was dedicated to those wars.

Besides the war news, “Novine Serbske” also brought proclamations and orders of the ruler, decrees and appointments, and at the end there were stock exchange information. Davidović fought strongly for the survival of this newspaper, because its circulation and number of subscribers had recorded a constant decline in 1816, mostly due to the Austrian censorship, which did not allow the newspapers to interfere in politics.

Davidović invested all his efforts to save the newspaper and acquired his own printing press in 1819 and started the almanac “Zabavnik”. Despite everything, the debts continued to rise. In mid 1821, Davidović left Vienna and moved to #Serbia, leaving his newspaper to a colleague, a student of law Petar Matić.


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