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73 new cases of coronavirus in Srpska


In the last 24 hours, at the Institute of Public Health of Srpska, the UCC of Srpska, the Hospital ’’Sveti apostol Luka’’ in Doboj and the Hospital ’’Sveti Vračevi’’ in Bijeljina, 573 laboratory samples were tested, and the new coronavirus was confirmed in 73 people in the Republic of Srpska.

Out of 73 newly confirmed cases, 37 are male and 36 are female. When it comes to their age, 12 are younger, 52 middle-aged and nine are older.

According to the place of residence, 17 people are from Banja Luka, seven from Laktaši, six from Foča, four each from Gacko, Doboj and Istočna Ilidža, three each from Bijeljina, Gradiška, Modriča, Mrkonjić Grad, Sokolac and Čelinac, two each from Ljubinje, Pale and Trebinje and one each from Zvornik, Istočno Novo Sarajevo, Lopare, Petrovo, Ribnik and Teslić.




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