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700th anniversary of Krupa Monastery in Obrovac


On the 700th anniversary  of Krupa Monastery near Obrovac in Croatia, liturgy and cultural programme were held to celebrate and note the importance of occassion.  The liturgy was conducted by His Grace Porfirije, Metropolitan of Zagreb and Ljubljana, with the assistance of bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church. 

The believers in attendance were addressed by Bishop Fotije of Dalmatia, who advised Serbs to respect their holy objects and monasteries. 

“Brothers and sisters, it is a great spiritual honour to be here today. We have to stand together and show that we are Orthodox, Christian and Godly people,” said the bishop. 

Miodrag Linta, head of the Union of Serbs from the Region, said that the seven centuries of the Krupa Monastery’s existence proved that Serbs had lived in Croatia for nearly a millennium. 

“This monastery testifies to the strength, resilience and desire of the Serbs to survive in these parts during hard times. We have to safeguard our tradition, faith and culture,” Linta told Srna. 

Linta pointed out that an economic perspective had to be created for the Serbs’ survival in Croatia.
Milorad Pupovac, head of the Serb National Council in Croatia, told Srna that the Monastery’s seven centuries were a historical confirmation of the Serbs’ centuries-long existence in Dalmatia and Croatia. 

“On this day, Serbs from these parts, as well as from Serbia, Republika Srpska and EU gather here every year. This monastery is a spring that brings people together, attracts them and has the power that has to be nurtured with care,” said Pupovac.  He believes it is necessary to do everything possible to make the life of the Serbs in Croatia better.

The service was attended by Serbian Ambassador to Croatia Mira Nikolic, numerous believers from Croatia, Republika Srpska, Serbia and European countries. 

source: SRNA


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