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War Veterans Organisation: Unity of army, people and politics created Srpska


Minister of Labour, War Veterans and Disabled Persons Protection of Republika Srpska Milenko Savanovic stated today that Republika Srpska was created thanks to the unity of the army, people and politics, and the Serb people’s commitment to fight for freedom, and was verified by the Dayton Peace Agreement.

“Unfortunately 23,000 veterans lost their lives during the war – the members of the Republika Srpska Army and the Police. Together with the victims of war, the number of victims reached 30,000, with immeasurable material destruction,” Savanovic told journalists during the Forum of War Veterans organised to mark the 25th anniversary of the War Veterans Organisation of Republika Srpska.

Savanovic has recalled that the Republika Srpska Army was formed on May 12 and that the soldiers unremarkably contributed to the creation of Srpska through the battles.

According to him, all previous republican governments have worked within their capacities to improve the situation of the veterans’ categories, but the current Government of Srpska particularly stands out.

Approximately 10 percent of the republic budget is allocated for the needs of veterans-invalids welfare, Savanovic has pointed out.

Head of the Republika Srpska War Veterans Organisation, Milomir Savcic, has said that this Organisation gathers 64 percent of the participants of the defense-patriotic war and that “it is always in Srpska and for Republika Srpska.”

“Sometimes the question arises about the social role of the War Veterans Organisation, thus I want to be clear – the War Veterans Organisation takes positions on certain issues of interest to Srpska and of national interests. We do not hesitate to present our positions in public,” Savcic has said.

He has emphasised that the Organisation does not deal with daily politics for preserving the unity and the power arising from that unity for Srpska, for the nation, but also for issues important for veterans’ status.

Savcic has said that 634 missing members of the Republika Srpska Army and 13 members of the Srpska Interior Ministry are still being searched for.

President of the World Veterans Federation Dan Vigo Bergtun has said that the Federation, which gathers about 40 million members, including the War Veterans Organisation of Srpska, encourages its members to promote international peace.

He has said that all veterans face the same challenges which requires the exchange of experience and knowledge.

The 3rd Infantry /Republika Srpska/ Regiment was awarded the Golden Badge of the War Veterans Organisation at the Forum.

The Golden Badge was also awarded to the Radio and Television of Republika Srpska for the immeasurable contribution to the preservation of the heritage of the defensive-patrioticwar and the support it provides in the work of the BORS, municipal and civic war veterans organisations.

This award was also handed in to Lieutenant Colonel Vojislav Carkic, /legendary priest Zuco from Grbavica/, the World Veterans Federation, Special Hospital Mljecanica, art painter Dragoljub Drago Miljkovic, Prijedor City Administration and Drazen Perendija.

The Golden Badge was awarded to the Ugljevik Mine and Power Plant, Lopare Municipal Administration, and the Bema Shoe Factory.

Today, the panels on the role of the Army and the Interior Ministry of Republika Srpska in the creation of Republika Srpska, and the beginning of a civil war on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, as well as the session on the suffering of Serbs in BiH and the social role of the War Veterans Organisation are being held within the Forum.




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